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Avoid Unwanted Breakdowns with Our Heating and Air Maintenance in Holly Springs, NC

We will provide routine preventative maintenance service two times a year for all heating and air conditioning equipment. On an annual basis, one major inspection will coincide with the air conditioning season and one major inspection with the heating season. Routine service will be performed during normal business hours.

Spring & Summer Maintenance Will Include:

  • Overall inspection of equipment for debris
  • Cleaning the outdoor and indoor coils with cleaner
  • Check the freon level
  • Check run capacitors and contactors
  • Check amp draw on motor
  • Oil motors
  • Clear drain line and treat with tablets
  • Check fan belt and replace if necessary
  • We do not┬áchange the filters in the units because they need to be changed monthly and we only come twice a year.

Fall & Winter Maintenance Will Include:

  • Overall inspection of equipment for debris
  • Check and clean burners
  • Check heat exchanger for cracks
  • Check gas pressure
  • Check the temperature rise on the gas furnace
  • Check freon and defrost on heat pump
  • Check amp draw on heat strips
  • Clean coils on heat pump if needed
  • Check amp draw on motors, capacitors, and contactors

Materials Will Include:

  • Lubricants
  • Cleaning materials (evaporator/condenser coil cleaner, drain pan treatment, etc.)

All other parts, materials, and labor for repairs are to be billed at normal rates. Freon is an additional charge. You will be given priority over non-plan customers. The term of this agreement is 1 year, beginning with the initial inspection and will continue on an annual basis thereafter until either party cancels.

All work will be completed in a timely manner according to the specifications. Any extra costs will be executed only upon verbal or written agreement by you and will become an extra charge over and above this agreement. The agreement is contingent on accidents or delays beyond our control. By signing this proposal, you are in agreement with all the above statements and are authorizing us to perform the work stated above and payment will be made as outlined above.

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